Hidrocarbons processing plants. Hidrocarbons pumping stations Electromechanical control systems Generation plants
Compression stations. Cathodic protection stations Tanks stations
Conceptual engineering, basic and detail. EPC Provider Comisioning, Technical support Training
Assessment and diagnostic Equipment and materials provider. Calibration, Management Maintenance
HAZOP, Construction and mounting, STARTS Operation,
Plants conditioning hydrocarbon liquids, gas, water formation. Electrical systems in explosives atmospheres. Skid conditioning Gas: filtering, heating, drying
Instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level, flow, vibration and PH Systems instrumentation, control and automation with DCS and PLC's plant and equipment rotary Heating oil and gas
Regulatory systems and measurement of liquids and gases for ownership, operation and fiscal and their equipment. Platforms automation and visualization, monitoring processes, SCADA, databases and portals industrial Delta V, Wonderware, intellution, RSView Heat exchangers and aeroenfriadores
PROVER fixed and portables Cathodic protection system and remote monitoring in gas and oil pipelines, plants and tanks Flare Systems
Pumping systems and equipment. Inventory system and transfer of custody in tanks of liquid products Charging terminals
Compression systems and their equipment Oil storage tanks, oil and its derivatives, water Conditioning Systems injection
Lubrication systems for rotating equipments Bifase separators, three phase, free water knock-out and pressure vessels Mixers static and dynamic
Systems generation, substations and their teams, protection, distribution and measurement of energy Separators venting of flare (Kod-Knock out) Thermal insulation on pipes and equipment
ESD systemas, Shutdown logic Separators interceptors (CPI) Laboratory equipment
Systems fire fighter and equipments Gas lift, desarenadores cyclonic, manifold production Sealing of fluids in rotating and static equipment
Sensing Systems of combustible gases, fire and smoke (FGS) Piletas API; through separators induced gas flotation    
Communication Systems Detection of losses in oil and gas pipelines    
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